Killarney Provincial Park artist in residence

Pierre AJ Sabourin to host the Canadian school of painting AY Jackson  Hot Mush workshop for the Friends of  Killarney Provincial Park 2018 Season dates  pending confirmation 

Pierre AJ Sabourin Footsteps of the Group of Seven hot Mush Workshop Killarney Provincial Park

Pierre has been teaching the Canadian school of painting hot mush style In Killarney Provincial Park for ten years,  Some of the greatest names in art were Hot Mushers  Van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Kandinsky, Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Gauguin, Munch , Grabar ,Tom Thomson including our founding father AY Jackson……..  all were Hot Mushers 

AY Jackson of the Group of Seven founded Killarney Provincial Park as a source of inspiration for all Canadians. It is the only park in the world founded by artists and home to the Canadian School of painting founded by the Group of Seven. Killarney Provincial Park has two lakes named in the park to commemorate this honour. AY Jackson lake named after our founding father and OSA Lake Ontario Society of Artists lake, The Group of Seven were founders of the Ontario Society of Artists and entrusted the OSA to maintain the painting heritage and philosophies of the Canadian School, Killarney Provincial Park will celebrate 55 years in 2018


You don’t have to climb four mountains paddle two lakes and fight off a bear to paint with me said Sabourin.It is a stationary painting program on George lake for all ages  1pm to 4 pm. Paint is acrylic and water soluble it just doesn’t come off clothes so wear something you don’t mind getting paint on. We paint on masonite board everything is provided including instruction and you get to bring your paintings home.


Pierre’s Hot Mush program is the most successful in the province for Ontario parks said Jeremy Pawson Superintendent Killarney Provincial Park   Visitors throughout the world participate in Pierre’s painting program. It’s amazing to see people  become aware of their own natural creativity. it’s like a bridge of nations for the entire family. It  is a language that transcends and inspires.

Jeremy Pawson Superintendent Killarney Provincial Park


It  is entirely free and open to all ages sponsored by the Friends of Killarney Provincial Park and Ontario Parks.

Families and individuals camping in Killarney Provincial Park can experience the Canadian school of painting Hot Mush program with Pierre AJ Sabourin by registering through the Friends of Killarney Park. 



Workshops are available throughout the 2018 season for Schools, Groups and individuals by contacting  Pierre AJ Sabourin at 705 -287=1039 in Killarney





Killarney Provincial Park  Group of Seven Festival 2018

Dates pending confirmation