Thank you to my Friends in Killarney for saving my life

Today on Killarney Bay 

Its been 36 days of influenza fever and still have a ways to go. I have started walking again this week. and I am able to prepare food and bathe myself.  I feel I am making progress and  starting to regain my strength. Hopefully will be able to resume my work in the coming weeks.

I would like to thank my friends in Killarney for saving my life. I could not have made it without them. Thank you

Mike Ranta , Marlene Kutcher, Jarvis Delamonrandiere. Kay low, Dr Bill McMullen, Killarney Health Clinic. Killarney Paramedics, Sudbury Emergency


Pierre AJ Sabourin

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Spitzii’s Painting Price


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Sabourin’s Anderson Collection completes Peace River Alberta Exhibition

Noted Canadian Landscape artist Pierre AJ Sabourin announced his paintings in the Anderson Collection of Watino Alberta have completed a 17 month public exhibition in the Peace River Library Art Gallery. Sabourin was commissioned by Anderson to document the Smoky River and Peace River of Northern Alberta during the annual festival of foliage in October 2016. These river valleys are some of the most incredible on this earth . Beauty that is only surpassed by the generosity of it’s people. Kindness as big and wide as a prairie wind said Sabourin. I especially would like to thank Photo Visions Digital lab of Toronto Ontario for providing the limited edition prints of the paintings for the exhibition. I also extend my sincerest gratitude to my friend and patron Bert Anderson for providing an opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you Bert your generosity will never be forgotten .




































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