Healing is a War

Pierre AJ Sabourin

Michael Cy Cywink and Pierre AJ Sabourin
The Art of Reconciliation
Summer 2018
Killarney Ontario Canada

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Canadian Voyageur Mike Ranta joins Artists at Cell Block #9 Killarney

Pierre AJ Sabourin

The incredible Mike Ranta  has joined Artists at Cell Block #9 Killarney for 2018 season Mike is the Canadian and current World record holder for traveling across Canada solo by canoe.

In 2014 Mike paddled with his famous dog Spitzii from Vancouver British Columbia to Tadamagache Nova Scotia in 214 days April first through October 31st and became the first person to cross the North American Continent solo by canoe in one season.

In 2016 Mike paddled from Vancouver British Columbia to Dominion Beach Nova Scotia Cape Breton Island in 200 days April 1st through October 18th and is the current world record holder.

What would a paddler of this expertise be doing at Artists at Cell Block #9 in Killarney. Mike is the real deal with a character to boot , a true Canadian Voyageur who possesses the gift of carving, Mike is an exquisite carver of wood as…

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Spiritual Education returns to Sunset Rock

Killarney , Ontario, Canada

Canadian landscape Artist Pierre AJ Sabourin announced today Saint Charles Catholic School has sent six  incredible students to paint on Sunset Rock. Teachers open the doors ….art that comes from the soul is the highest of truths…it is the best of who you are ….and the most valuable’. This is a great honour for me as it is the fourth time I’ve welcomed the Students of Saint Charles to paint on Sunset Rock said Sabourin

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