Sunset Rock Studio
Killarney, Ontario,Canada                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Phone 705-287-1039

Sunset Rock Studio

Sunset Rock Studio

Historic Sunset Rock Studio is home to artist Pierre AJ Sabourin. Sunset Rock  has  attracted creative spirits for hundreds of years. The breathtaking view is inspirational and to many a spiritual experience. Pierre’s  Great Uncle Charlie Lowe who lived in Owen Sound built the Sunset Rock cottage at the turn of the century to support his father’s succesful commercial fishing business.

Great Uncle Charlie told stories of bringing  Tom Thomson and his brother George  to Killarney from Owen Sound on his fishing boat the AJ Lowe during the spring supply runs. I had no reason to doubt him, both Tom and George’s paintings were hanging in the family homes in Killarney and Owen Sound. Tom Thomson’s  Iconic Jack Pine was inspired on Sunset Rock in Killarney.


“The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder”. Canadian marine scientist and underwater explorer Joseph MacINNIS


         Gallery Representation


unnamed[2] (2)

Anne More and Cheryl Goldring of Gallery 2 Burlington

I’m truly honored to be included with this  distinguished Group of Artists for the Grand Opening of Gallery 2 in Burlington Ontario. The reception begins at 2pm Sunday October 18th until 5 pm, What makes this Grand Opening more incredible is Gallery 2 is Located directly across the street from The Royal Botanical Gardens of Canada…what an honor… Check out great works of art at Gallery 2 then experience Nature in all her glory with 27 clicks of incredible hiking trails. What a blast !


Turners of Little Current
P.O. Box 429
Little Current, ON POP 1KO
1-877-368-2150 ttp://






The Backstreet Gallery/La Galerie de la Ruelle
French River Cultural Industries Council (FRCIC)
37 St. Antoine Street
Noëlville, ON

Maskinoge Provincial Park, West Arm of Lake NIppissing oil on canvas 30 x 38 en plein air August 2012

Maskinoge Provincial Park, West Arm of Lake NIppissing oil on canvas 30 x 38 en plein air August 2012

My French Canadian heritage comes from St Charles on the west Arm of Lake Nippissing  gateway to Riviere des Francais The Land of the Voyageur. I am honored to be associated and represented by such an innovative group of artists and artisans as the French River Cultural Industries Council.

L'esprit de la Riviere des Francais Jacques Guy et Pierre AJ Sabourin

L’esprit de la Riviere des Francais Jacques Guy et Pierre AJ Sabourin

Opera On the Go Performers and Organizers

The Backstreet Gallery representing over fifty artists and artisans  has garnered significant regional community support for the Gallery and it’s productions. Cultural events produced by the council have attracted Canadian Luminaries such as Thompson Highway who recently attended the Council’s live stage production of Opera On the Go.

Art Gallery of Sudbury
251 John Street
Sudbury, ON

The Low's Dock (22)

The Low’s Dock Killarney , Ontario

Plans are underway for the new Franklin Carmichael Art Gallery . The AGS produces the  annual Festival of the Seven offering exhibitions workshops, performances and book releases. including Jim and Sue Waddington’s national best seller In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven and  Christopher Pratt the Canadian art icon’s Six Decades with proceeds to benefit the AGS

Birch Trail (7)

Birch Trail

Sabourin is a member of the AGS marketing Committee and presents original works in the Gallery through the AGS corporate rental program  Local Colour. The AGS has facilitated sales of  Sabourin’s works with area patrons  including former Sudbury Mayor Marianne Matichuk and former Sudbury Police Chief  Ron Elsner . The AGS Boutique offers Sabourin`s  Limited edition prints and  Northern Heritage greeting cards.



Trophies Two & Georgian Gallery
840 2nd Avenue East
Owen Sound, ON

Steve and Barb McCallum owners of Trophies Two and Georgian Gallery met Pierre in Killarney Provincial Park during his Footsteps of the Group of Seven Hot Mush workshop. The McCallum’s invited Pierre to visit and paint in Owen Sound.  How could I not be inspired, my family had roots in Owen Sound and my greatest influence Tom Thomson was from Leith remarked the artist. The McCallum’s have facilitated sales of my work in the Tobermory Penisula as far north as Dyers Bay and co-ordinated introductions for area clients to my studio in killarney. Thanks to their introduction Upper Canada Stretchers of Owen Sound  now provides my stretcher bars and canvas. The Georgian Gallery maintains a wide selection of Pierre’s limited edition Prints and Northern Heritage Greeting Cards.



Maroosis Art Centre
232 Algonquin Avenue
North Bay, Ontario

George Maroosis & Pierre AJ Sabourin at the KBros Maroosis Art Centre in North Bay

George Maroosis & Pierre AJ Sabourin at the KBros Maroosis Art Centre in North Bay

The Maroosis Art Centre is one of Canada’s oldest Aboriginal Art Galleries representing current and historic artists of Aboriginal Art. The Art Centre is located in North Bay Ontario on shores of lake Nippissing historic fur trading capital of Canada and gateway to the north. Many of the Group of Seven members and followers of the Canadian School of painting exhibited in the gallery early in K Bros history. Current Owner and Gallery curator George Maroosis is a leading supporter of northern Ontario artists. I could not be in better company or more honored with the opportunity to showcase my work in such a prestigious and historic Canadian Art Gallery.

The Wolf Lives in You by Frank Polson

The Wolf Lives in You by Frank Polson

Pharmaceutical Giant Ferring Group of St Prex  Switzerland recently acquired  from the Maroosis Art Centre paintings by  First Nations artists Steve Snake , Frank Polson, and landscape artists Alice Orley and Pierre AJ Sabourin into their prestigious Global Art Collection.

More Musical than any Song, Oil on Canvas 30 x 40


The Georgian Bay Center in partnership with the Parry Sound Chamber of Commerce exhibits the works of Canadian landscape painter Pierre AJ Sabourin.

The four Georgian Bay Scenes painted in Provincial Parks depict the winter season through spring. These paintings are some of the largest en plein pieces I’ve attempted said Sabourin who follows the Canadian School of Painting. In 2013 Pharmaceutical Giant Ferring Group of St Prex Switzerland acquired two of the Centre Four Exhibition Paintings into their prestigious Global Art collection. Plans are underway for the unveiling of two new paintings by Sabourin for the Centre in spring of 2014. The Centre can be found on exit 214 just south of Parry Sound, Ontario. features a full service rest stop for travelers on the Georgian Bay. Currently on display are Georgian Bay Spring and Spirit the Recollet Falls, French River Provincial Park.

Georgian Bay Spring 48 x 60 oil on canvas en plein air April 2011 painted from the mouth of the Killarney Channel

Georgian Bay Spring 48 x 60 oil on canvas en plein air April 2011 painted from the mouth of the Killarney Channel

Spirit of the Recollet Falls French River Provincial Park 48 x 72 oil on canvas en plein air February 2012

“Virtue is not created by money. Money is created by virtue.” Socrates

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