Following Footsteps: Group of Seven

Killarney Bay

Killarney Bay (114)

Canada’s famous landscape painters, the Group of Seven, came to Killarney for inspiration, leaving a noble legacy: Killarney Provincial Park.

Pierre AJ Sabourin was first attracted to the Group of Seven at the national gallery as a student at the University of Ottawa. He learned so much from emulating their work, especially their use of colour and paint. He learned from JEH MacDonald that it’s ok to change things in a painting if you’re not happy with it. From Tom Thomson, he learned the use of bold colour and expressionism.

Collins Inlet Sunset

Collins Inlet Sunset (86)

Sabourin makes his home in Killarney at Sunset Rock Studio, from where he has an excellent base to follow in the footsteps of the Group of Seven. Pierre exhibits his works in locations of relevance to the Group of Seven, teaches Following in the Footsteps of the Group of Seven workshops, and distributes his line of greeting cards and prints throughout the Georgian Bay. He is always expanding his scope to include more locations throughout Ontario where the Group of Seven painted. His goal is to promote the Group of Seven as a Canadian school of art as well as the established ideas behind Canadian landscape painting.

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“There is a feeling you get when painting in the woods, becoming one with God and universal nature. Touched by this Holy Spirit, a deep sense of acceptance prevails. As everything begins to interact, you feel the energy, the power, and the peace all around you. You become suspended in time; your mind becomes clear and you see things you have never seen before, and you know you are alive.”
–Pierre AJ Sabourin