“As a young man, I traveled  Canada from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island to the Arctic Circle on the Mackenzie River in the North West Territories. 

This experience instilled  national pride in Canada’s wonderous beauty and diverse culture. Growing up in Sudbury, Ontario, during the peak of nickel smelting in the 50s and 60s and experiencing the destruction of nature by acid rain’  had a profound effect on me.”  

Pierre AJ Sabourin

A day with Pierre AJ Sabourin by Rui Lopes


Artist Pierre AJ Sabourin with Otter Holes

Artist Pierre AJ Sabourin with Otter Holes Ferring Collection

Sabourin an en plein air landscape painter, follows the Canadian School of Painting in spirit, philosophy, and practice. The Canadian School  founded by AY Jackson and the Group of Seven, Sabourin makes his home in Killarney Ontario home to the Canadian School as artist in residence for Killarney Provincial Park founded by the Group of Seven.

Pierre AJ Sabourin Recollet Falls French River Provincial Park

Pierre AJ Sabourin Recollet Falls French River Provincial Park

 Art educator Arthur Lismer  of the Group of Seven mentored Pierre at age ten, resonating throughout his entire life. Art that comes from the soul is the highest of truths it is the best of who you are.  Memoirs Brushes with destiny……. Arthur Lismer ” https://pierreajsabourin.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/brushes-with-d…-Arthur-


Hot Mushers Rule in Killarney Provincial Park with Pierre A J Sabourin

Hot Mushers Rule in Killarney Provincial Park with Pierre A J Sabourin


Say Cheese with St Charles Elementary 4th and 5th grade Students

Say Cheese with St Charles Elementary 4th and 5th grade Students


 Sabourin went on to study Fine Arts at the University of Ottawa and the National Drawing and Print Council of Canada at the University of Calgary. Pierre apprenticed with landscape painter Ferenc Szeles of Hungary and mentored with great en plein air winter painter, Paul Schleusner of Germany.




                  AJ Casson Peak Killarney Provincial Park Baie Fine

Pierre has developed a style of landscape painting that draws upon the  traditions and influences of AY Jackson, Tom Thomson, JEH Macdonald, Arthur Lismer, Lawren Harris, Vincent Van Gogh, Igor Grabar, and Edouard Manet.

facing the door

facing the door

I’m an  Expressionist! I  love rich colour and thick impasto. manipulating paint and creating shadow.Emersing oneself in nature allows the unconscious to be exposed allowing for  a deeper relationship with spirituality in the creative process.

My paintings are inspired and produced en plein air, some are completed in the studio. I paint in all weather conditions and at times mount excursions into the interior with teams to establish a studio on location.


During Canada 150 Pierre was the keynote speaker for the Governor General Leadership Canada Conference


Pierre produced the Group of Seven Symposium of the Arts and Canadian Woodstock for the 5oth Anniversary Celebration of the founding of Killarney Provincial Park by AY Jackson.



Group of Seven Symposium of the Arts 50th Anniversary Celebration

Festival of the Seven




Spearheaded by the works of AY Jackson and Norval Morrisseau 85 distinguished Canadian and Aboriginal Artists exhibited 165 works of Art in celebration of the 5oth Anniversary.


The Artist in Residence hosts the popular Footsteps of the Group of Seven painting program in Killarney Provincial Park  for schools. art groups and families. In 2013 Pierre’s Footsteps program became the most successful in the Province for Ontario Parks.


Pierre AJ Sabourin Footsteps of the Group of Seven hot Mush Workshop Killarney Provincial Park

Pierre AJ Sabourin Footsteps of the Group of Seven hot Mush Workshop Killarney Provincial Park

In 2015 Pierre produced the Hot Mush Tour in celebration of AY Jackson. The Art tour encompassed 28 schools in townships of the Rainbow District School board of Northern Ontario, Students produced over 3500 paintings during the 40 day tour.

who's an artist

who’s an artist



Pierre a leading advocate of Group of Seven heritage in Killarney and Northern Ontario has been included in five International and National Television documentaries.


Including Killarney’s First French Language Documentary


and Joseph Rosendo’s Emmy Award Series Travel Scope on PBS



Joseph Rosendo and Pierre AJ Sabourin in the French River Delta

Joseph Rosendo and Pierre AJ Sabourin in the French River Delta


Sabourin paints at the Jump in the French River Delta Land of the Voyageur

Joseph Rosendo and Pierre AJ Sabourin in the French River Delta

Joseph Rosendo and Pierre AJ Sabourin in the French River Delta

A Park for All Seasons for Oasis HD  and The Mandarin Channel Travel Production for South East Asia. Mandarin Channel Tsunami hits Killarney Provincial Park  https://pierreajsabourin.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/mandarin-chann…rovincial-

Sabourin’s innovative  Tribute to Tom Thomson in French River Provincial Park was covered by CTV news.

Where Snow Flakes Fall Thickest

Where Snow Flakes Fall Thickest


Sabourin’s paintings are represented in private collections throughout the world including The United States, France ,Great Britain , Poland, Germany, Finland, Austria, the Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland  Australia, Canada. Sabourin has 25 paintings in the  Canadian Collection of the prestigious Global Art Collection of  Ferring Pharmaceutical  of St Prex Switzerland

George Lake. Killarney Provincial Park.



and ten paintings in The Quivogne Collection of Switzerland.


 Spirit of Recollet Falls French River Provincial Park



Sabourin’s paintings, are in twelve private Canadian Art Heritage collections in Canada.



Willisville Mountain

Willisville Mountain

Pierre was an active  participant in The Willisville Mountain Project a tour de force responsible for Saving the historic  home of Franklin Carmichael  from mining destruction. Sabourin’s  Willisville Mountain was acquired by a private Group of Seven collection after completing a tour of five museums . Descendants of Franklin Carmichael’s family acquired three paintings from Pierre after a visit to Sunset Rock Studio in Killarney.





Pierre has completed commissions for patrons in Canada, the United States, and France. Two spectacular en plein air commissions included 48″ x 72 ” paintings in the Mink Islands and Twelve Mile Bay of the Georgian Bay.

Kindness as big and wide as a prairie wind. In 2016 Pierre was commissioned to paint the Smokey River and Watino Valley of Northern Alberta Canada. The Watino Collection of 17 works are currently on exhibition for one year in the Peace River Library of Peace River Alberta.


The Mackenzie Lookout Anderson Collection

Treasuries of Ancient Men

Treasuries of Ancient Men Watino Alberta Anderson Collection

Tobies lookout

Tobies Lookout Watino Alberta Anderson Collection

There is never a moments truce between virtue and vice , Goodness is the only investment which never fails. Henry David Thoreau

Sabourin has made art work donations to the following events and causes:

  • UNESCO. United Nations. The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Parry Sound Ontario
  • Catholic Women’s League of Killarney
  • Aids Foundation Sudbury
  • Adèle Samson Centre, Life Skills Art Show Sudbury
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Community Foundation
  • Killarney Provincial Park
  • French River Provincial Park
  • St. Joseph Catholic School, Killarney
  • Killarney Volunteer Fire Department
  • Little Current Yacht Club
  • John Paul II Catholic Secondary School, London, ON
  • Killarney Health Clinic
  • Wounded Warriors
  • Friends of Killarney Provincial Park
  • Youth Employment Services (YES) Foundation of Toronto
  • DESCANT: The Magazine for Canadian Arts and Letters
  • Credit Valley Hospital Foundation Gala, Mississauga
  • 90 Man Club of Elliot Lake
  • Tree Society of Creemore
  • Vick Johnson Park, Streetsville
  • Wye Marsh, Midland
  • Killarney Health Centre
  • Ducks Unlimited Sudbury
  • Distinguished Woman’s Awards of Muskoka, Huntsville
  • French River Cultural Industries Council Noelville
  • Art Gallery of Sudbury
  • Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Territory Life Skills Project