The Cranberry Bog from the Memoirs of Pierre AJ Sabourin

The First Gay Marriage of Canada

Pierre AJ Sabourin

 Cranberry Bog Cranberry Bog

The Cranberry Bog is a painting of Love and life and the choices that we make. We can reach for life like the two pines and flourish. If only we could see the love and beauty that surrounds us and make the best of what life offers no matter what challenges we face…..

Two trees on an island of tranquility…. in a sea of mediocrity…the choices of man….the struggle for love and life…..the bitter and the sweet……the Cranberry Bog

When Christopher and George requested this painting as their wedding Invitation they had bestowed a great honor, they had seen the passion and synchronicity of the work. I  dedicate The Cranberry Bog to their courage of love and life and to the memory of Christopher Peloso

Pierre A J Sabourin

Christopher Peloso George Smitherman Christopher Peloso George Smitherman


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About Pierre AJ Sabourin

*studied fine art at the University of Ottawa and the University of Calgary Following the Footsteps of The Group of Seven in Killarney, Provincial Park
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