Who’s Bigger than Bo from the memoirs of Pierre AJ Sabourin



Who’s Bigger than Bo

There are experiences in life that are just worth telling. On my birthday some years ago I was given the responsibility of orchestrating a concert for Lipton Tea. Met and worked with some of the most incredible performers which included Dick Clark, Danny and the Juniors, the Sherrells and gentleman named Bo Diddley. My duties included the press and so I invited the press to interview these legends of music.

There was this real  nervous news reporter came in with a crew and determined to interview Bo Didley. I set it up and they proceed to mic up Bo for the interview, sitting around  chatting ,getting comfortable, are you ready to go  Ya I’m ready says Bo. The reporter takes the scene.

Ladies and Gentleman I am here today with one of the Greatest Legends of Rock and Roll. The man who started Rock and Roll and moved an entire generation… Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce you to the main man himself   Mr. Chuck Berry

Well ….Pass the Pepsi   Bo fell off the sofa laughing so hard that he ate a Banana throughout the entire interview

 About six months later Bo Didley came back to town to play at this incredible river rally . Im working late in the office say hey I’ll stop in and go see Bo play tonight on my way home, I get there the place is filled beyond capacity and there is about 300 people in line waiting ,no way I’m getting in.

I look over theirs Bo leaning against a wall eating an apple watching all the people in line to go see him. But nobody knows it’s him. I walk up and say  I came to see you play but it looks like I wont get in. Bo hands me his guitar and says carry this for me Pierre.

A couple years later  I ‘m working in Chicago for Lois Wiseberg of Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point fame and our staff produced events which included the Chicago Blues Festival. Chuck Berry was the headliner in 1986. Pierre come on up and meet Chuck  backstage….  OK…. This was my chance to tell Chuck Berry my Bo Didley story ….

As I’m meeting Chuck Berry backstage and start telling him my Bo Didley story as we are walking to the stage , a limousine shows up with Keith Richards who wants to Jam ….The two of them go out and play  Hey Mona     Go figure…..Who’s bigger than Bo

Oh by the way I did receive the most marvelous birthday gift the day I met Bo Didley. Danny and the Juniors and the Sherrels sang me Happy Birthday in Harmony in a hotel bar after the show…From the memoirs of Pierre AJ Sabourin 

Prologue…….. Sabourin’s Phoenix acquired by Gladden Collection Holy Cow Pass the Pepsi I’m hanging with Keith by Ron Wood…… LOL




About Pierre AJ Sabourin

*studied fine art at the University of Ottawa and the University of Calgary Following the Footsteps of The Group of Seven in Killarney, Provincial Park
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2 Responses to Who’s Bigger than Bo from the memoirs of Pierre AJ Sabourin

  1. Marlene Kutcher says:

    Keep these stories coming my friend. A great time had by all!

  2. Reblogged this on Pierre AJ Sabourin and commented:

    A prologue with the Gladden Collection for those reading my blog

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