Killarney Inspiration built Ford Tough


Noted Canadian Landscape Artist Pierre AJ Sabourin announced today his paintings went further at Ford`s corporate headquarters in Oakville Ontario. It`s not everyday you receive an invitation to make a presentation at Ford of Canada and meet some of the employees who admire and support your work.


Mario Huppe and Shannon Dinner are two of those Zephyrs that fuel the soul said Sabourin. Shannon Dinner is no stranger , I have been the guest of many of her family celebrations and two of my paintings hang in her family home. I was honored when Shannon contacted me and asked me to present to Mario Huppe at Ford.


Upon my introduction to Mario we found that we had both attended the University of Ottawa and were bilingual.  Our discussion led to the National Gallery of Canada , the influences of Arthur Lismer and Group of Seven on my life as an artist and the importance of Art Education among our youth. Mario asked me what my greatest feeling as an artist was. I told him it was the feeling of knowing you have helped someone through art and recounted a story from my memoirs  Brushes with Destiny


FullSizeRender (2)DSC09193

Corporate and Private Collecting is paramount to the survival of an artist. To receive this recognition is a great honor which I dedicate to my Lifetime Family of friends from Ford of Canada  Mr.. Robert Mason and Mr.Robert Jones

Mario’s  inspiration came from my winter scene’s said Sabourin Fishing Huts on Killarney Bay painted en plein air on the January ice . The painting depicts the vastness and determination of going further  , a painting philosophy of AY Jackson in the backdrop of the La Cloche Mountains of Killarney Provincial Park.

FullSizeRender (1) DSC09665

The second of Mario’s selection was Randy ‘s Old Dock.  I always loved this piece said Sabourin   Plato`s Philosophy in Action…..Beauty of Line, rhythm, and grace depend on Simplicity…..Simplicity….Simplicity



About Pierre AJ Sabourin

*studied fine art at the University of Ottawa and the University of Calgary Following the Footsteps of The Group of Seven in Killarney, Provincial Park
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2 Responses to Killarney Inspiration built Ford Tough

  1. Congratulations Pierre!

    • MARLENE KUTCHER Legault says:

      Well done my friend! You need to see Chrysler, in Brampton, Honda in Alston, etc etc. Who would not be as proud as Mario to have these in his office? Thanks Pierre you represent the Art community so fabulously.

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