Wikwemikong Artists share on Sunset Rock

Group of Seven Symposium of the Arts

Group of Seven Symposium of the Arts 50th Anniversary Celebration

Group of Seven Symposium of the Arts 50th Anniversary Celebration

50th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of Killarney Provincial Park

by AY Jackson founder of the Canadian School of Painting 


The Canadian Woodstock (opening night)

Group of Seven Symposium of the Arts 50th Anniversary Smudge

Group of Seven Symposium of the Arts 50th Anniversary Smudge


This happening was a sharing of the smudge to the rock/the earth, the waters, the air, the universe and to the creations beings we’re all related to. It was to share with those involved that when they attend the exhibit that they “see and feel” what is before them. Not to just look at the piece but to feel what the individual artist put into sharing. This was not a ceremony, as I initiated it, but a sharing. In a traditional ceremony cameras would not be allowed. So when I was asked by Pierre to share a smudge, I articulated to those what the intent is, which I relate to in the beginning of this message.

The rains held themselves, and the clouds opened for a brief period to allow the essence of the smudge to continue its journey. This was taking place just before opening at the Killarney Mountain Lodge.

The following artists were shown; Georgina Toulouse, Bill Bondy, Josh Peltier and myself. The second opening was held at the Sportsman”s Inn, featured artist James Mishibinijima, Albert Mishibinijima, Nick Cywink and one of two WUIR community quilts “Wikwemikong Artists – From The Heart of Turtle Island”.

This exhibit is the first of many to come with the possibility of an International Exhibit. We are looking positively into the future. So we hope that this generates more interest for our community membership artists to submit.

Being smudged is Pierre AJ Sabourin, the brother who’s vision of bringing colour and culture together through the Canadian Woodstock of Arts into Killarney. I am honoured to have been invited and I share 10,000 miigweches to all artists participating (over 60), to all those attending and to those who will have the opportunity to view this exhibit which runs until October 13, 2014 For further information please fb Pierre. Off camera this smudge also included prayers for safe travel to my new brother “Mike” who is canoeing across Canada looking to set the Guiness World Record.


Michael Cy Cywink

smudge on sunset rock

smudge on sunset rock

Pierre Introduces Michael Cy Cywink

Pierre Introduces Michael Cy Cywink

Micheal Explains the Smudge

Michael Explains the Smudge

photo 3 (2)

photo 5 (6)

photo 3 (1)

About Pierre AJ Sabourin

*studied fine art at the University of Ottawa and the University of Calgary Following the Footsteps of The Group of Seven in Killarney, Provincial Park
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