Sapper Mike McTeague from the memoirs of Pierre AJ Sabourin

When my life was destroyed in the United States  I simply came home to Canada to try and  rebuild my life.


On September 9, 2007 my painting of the Credit River was raffled to help raise funds for families of our troops wounded in Afghanistan raising $600 from the painting raffle.

Several weeks later I received a call from Captain Johnson of the Canadian Armed Forces in command of returning wounded from Afghanistan. Captain Johnson said Pierre, I understand you raffled one your paintings and would like to donate the money to a family of a wounded veteran. I said yes sir I would. Captain Johnson then said, We have a young lad here he’s getting out of quarantine tomorrow were afraid he might lose his legs. I was hoping Pierre; you would come  to St Johns Rehab Hospital here in Toronto and make a presentation to him in person. Help us get a smile on this lads face, could you do that for us Pierre. My sense of duty would never deny such a  noble request.

On September 18, a suicide bomb was detonated in Panjwayi District, Kandahar Province Afghanistan killing 4 Canadian soldiers and severely wounding members of the patrol.One injured survivor was 20-year old Sapper Mike McTeague of Orillia, Ontario.

Mike was rushed to Landsthurl, Germany receiving urgent medical care and joined by his family. McTeague was then transported to Canada and cared for at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto. Mike is currently recovering undergoing treatment at St Johns Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto.

 Letting Mike McTeague know  Canadians cared, made a difference. I asked him to come to Killarney and go fishing. This made Mike very happy as he loves the Georgian Bay and  brought the smile to his face everyone was seeking. Mikes father had been to Killarney and thanked and hugged me. I gave Mike greeting cards of my paintings to send back to his buddies on the front. Captain Johnson was very pleased with what took place. Army reporters were present and included the presentation in a documentary, web and military newspaper.

 Kandahar was founded by Alexander the Great in 350 BC. History records Kandahar as a thriving empire of trade, education and culture. Canada’s mission, restore Afghanistan Democracy protecting the rights of women and the Afghan people from enslavement and persecution.

I have believed in Peace my entire life.

Healing is a war.  Love and encouragement against all odds Canadian Virtues

Sapper Mike McTeague

Sapper Mike McTeague

About Pierre AJ Sabourin

*studied fine art at the University of Ottawa and the University of Calgary Following the Footsteps of The Group of Seven in Killarney, Provincial Park
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2 Responses to Sapper Mike McTeague from the memoirs of Pierre AJ Sabourin

  1. Cathy Gauthier says:

    A wonderful gesture on you part Pierre. No matter the injury or emotional turmoil….Killarney, Georgian Bay or for that matter, anywhere in northern Ontario….visiting them is a healing experience! A great story and yes, get these god forsaken wars over with!

  2. Mike McTeague says:

    Pierre you do great work! Thank you to you and Jay for all your work and help with myself and the wounded.

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