Canada 151….It was the beginning of a new world

Festival of the Seven by Pierre AJ Sabourin

Festival of the Seven by Pierre AJ Sabourin

Battle of Artois

Battle of Hill

Battle of Loos

Battle of Passchendaele

Battle of the Somme

Battle of Verdun

Battle of Vimy Ridge

Battle(s) of Ypres

60,661 Dead and a country of wounded.

Canada created as an Independent and Sovereign nation

Group of Seven members AY Jackson, Lawren Harris, and Frederick Varley were commissioned to paint and record Canadian victories in the devastation and horror of chemical warfare. The nightmare of these en plein air painting experiences is beyond comprehension or belief.

AY Jackson at Vimmy Ridge

AY Jackson Founder of Killarney Provincial Park painting at Vimy Ridge

My only testament as a Canadian who has traveled coast to coast , every village, township, community, municipality, corner store and railroad crossing was devastated by loss in WWI. The mill that grinds, memorials are everywhere to the flour of our country.

Nature is never inferior to art, for the arts imitate nature, Nature in its most perfect and comprehensive form cannot fall short of art, Art does the inferior for the sake of the superior, Therefore Universal Nature does so too

More ancient than any civilization, the power of nature created a phoenix, a Canadian School , a group of seven men, determined to honour the spirit and sacrifices of our great nation.

Pierre AJ Sabourin   Canada 151   2018


About Pierre AJ Sabourin

*studied fine art at the University of Ottawa and the University of Calgary Following the Footsteps of The Group of Seven in Killarney, Provincial Park
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