McMichael Canadian Art Collection leads Killarney Park Celebration

         The McMichael Canadian Art Collection announced presenting Sponsorship of Killarney Provincial Parks 50th Anniversary Group of Seven Festival. The McMichael Canadian Collection has established global presence for the Iconic Group of Seven and the Canadian School of Painting. The McMichael Canadian Art Collection endorsement is of epic proportion to the development of tourism and branding of Group of Seven heritage in Killarney and northern Ontario.

Ontario Parks played a strategic role encompassing  Ontario’s Group of Seven heritage Parks in Killarney, Lake Superior and Algonquin . McMicheal’s goal is strategic branding for all of Canada. This developement is historic for Canadian Art.

 Killarney Provincial Park’s founder AY Jackson was leading advocate and a founding father of the Canadian School of Painting . In celebration of this Canadian achievement, Killarney Provincial Park was established.

The Ontario Society of Artists OSA was entrusted with maintaining the spirit, philosophies and traditions of the Canadian School of Painting established by the Group of Seven. It is the only park in the world founded by artists. AY Jackson Lake and OSA Lake were both named to commemorate this honor. AY Jackson founded Killarney Provincial Park as a living testament to the  inspiration of the Canadian School of Painting.

   Robert and Signe McMicheal were patrons and friends of AY Jackson and hold the largest collection of AY Jackson paintings, McMichael’s National Treasure Collection of Tom Thomson and Group of Seven paintings is renown in Canada and throughout the world.

It’s incredible these two legacies will meet and celebrate in Killarney Ontario Canada. This is a great day for the Canadian Art Experience it touches the very fabric and embodiment of Canadian Culture throughout Ontario and the provinces. It is like the CBC only with a different message.  Group of Seven Festival in Killarney continues with  Canadian Woodstock Exhibition spearheaded by the works of AY Jackson and Norval Morrisseau. One hundred and sixty five works of Art by 85 Canadian and Aboriginal artists.  Celebrate the founding of Killarney Provincial Park by AY Jackson.Killarney Mountain Lodge, Sportsman’s Inn Resort Marina

McMichael Canadian Art Collection opening Festival Reception in Kleinberg Ontario Saturday & Sunday, April 5 & 6

Killarney Park, 50th Anniversary Weekend

Join us as we celebrate Killarney Provincial Park’s 50th Anniversary with lectures, tours, drop-in art workshops, and music.

Saturday, April 5

Killarney Park: The Group of Seven Footprints with Jim and Sue Waddington

For the last four decades, Jim and Sue Waddington have followed in the footsteps of the Group of Seven, locating the settings of hundreds of drawings, sketches, and paintings. To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Killarney Provincial Park, the Waddingtons will focus exclusively on this sketching ground frequented by Franklin Carmichael, A.Y. Jackson, and A.J. Casson. Moderated by McMichael Assistant Curator, Sharona Adamowicz-Clements, this conversation will shed light on the experiences of these iconic Canadian artists and the Waddingtons — the ultimate art detectives. Registration Required

More information and Tickets

Sunday, April 6

Killarney Provincial Park 50th Anniversary Celebration

A favourite sketching location for several Group of Seven painters, Killarney Provincial Park still inspires contemporary artists such as John Hartman and Edward Bartram. Together with Friends of Killarney Park, the McMichael is honoured to host the Park’s 50th anniversary celebration, which will also commemorate the important role played by A.Y. Jackson in its creation. Join us as we celebrate this magnificent Ontario landmark with tours, drop-in art workshops, and music. Don’t miss a 1:30 pm presentation by Friends of Killarney Park on the area’s history and natural wonders, and be sure to check out A.Y. Jackson’s original letter that triggered the Park’s establishment.

AY Jackson Letter Establishing the Park in Killarney at OSA lake

AY Jackson Letter Establishing the Park in Killarney at OSA lake

AY Jackson Letter Establishing the Park in Killarney at Ontario Society of Atists (OSA) Lake

AY Jackson Letter Establishing the Park in Killarney at Ontario Society of Atists (OSA) Lake

About Pierre AJ Sabourin

*studied fine art at the University of Ottawa and the University of Calgary Following the Footsteps of The Group of Seven in Killarney, Provincial Park
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