Mandarin Channel Tsunami hits Killarney Provincial Park

Four weeks ago I went on Facebook for the first time in my life; low and behold there were thousands upon thousands of friend requests from Asia.  What do I do?   I say to myself…. everyone is sending messages in Mandarin.  At first I thought it was a Facebook scam then perhaps some security mumbo jumbo. Panicking, I decide to start with a fresh Facebook palette, seeing it’s my first time and all, so I delete the whole shh bang. and with stern resolve and a bag of chips, I’ll deal with this Facebook stuff later I said

Then I come up with the bright idea to Google my name , to my amazement,  a deer in the headlights kind a thing….. A Hair loss Prevention Program suddenly appears in Mandarin …..Holy Cow , Pass the Pepsi ?

A week later Jeremy Pawson Superintendent Killarney Provincial Park says hey Pierre I have a script translation from the Mandarin Channel, the show aired last month you’re in it. He then hands me a Thai Air weekly travel magazine which contained a wonderful pictorial of  Killarney Provincial Park including  an action shot of myself sporting shoulder length hair .

It then occured…  AY Jackson has nothing on me, Hell I’m the first Canadian Landscape artist with his own Hair Loss Prevention Program       Top that… Buck- A- Roo

Thank you to the Directors, Producers, Cast and Crew of The Mandarin Channel for the wonderful integrated marketing campaign and travel production of Killarney Provincial Park. It was a sincere pleasure to work with such a fine group of creative individuals. I especially want to thank the Mandarin Channel Research staff for presenting the Parks Group of Seven legacy and founding heritage.

It’s important to let the world community know Killarney, Ontario, Canada is the only park in the world founded by Artists and home to the Canadian School of Painting.  Our Canadian art legacy is an inspiration for the entire world to embrace.

I also extend a thank you to the Mandarin Channel Script Writers for their treatment of remarks and observations regarding my life and work as an artist in Killarney. The poet Shelley once wrote The more an artist isolates to nature, the more he is on the cutting edge of society.

My sincerest apology, to the thousands of Mandarin Channel loyal viewers who tried to contact me.  I thank Facebook for the opportunity to reach out across the globe and I am honored by such a large Asian reception of welcomed enthusiasm for the Canadian Art Experience. I hope my efforts in Killarney Provincial Park may serve as a source of inspiration for all people of all countries.

As ambassador for  Killarney Provincial Park 50th  anniversary Group of Seven Festival July 18=19=20 2014. I extend a warm Canadian welcome to Asian visitors and Pacific Rim explorers seeking the  Canadian Art Experience in Killarney Provincial Park , the Georgian Bay and Northern Ontario this summer.


Pierre AJ Sabourin  

Artist in Residence Killarney Provincial Park

About Pierre AJ Sabourin

*studied fine art at the University of Ottawa and the University of Calgary Following the Footsteps of The Group of Seven in Killarney, Provincial Park
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