A rainbow coming to a sky near you

via A rainbow coming to a sky near you

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A rainbow coming to a sky near you


I extend my warmest gratitude to the great Daniel Hebert and to the incredible Andy Lowe for without there efforts this would not have been possible. A resounding hats off to artist William Piszel Tillmann and to our just Add Dream patron Holden Rhodes of the Killarney Mountain Lodge . Canada 150 from Killarney Bay is dedicated to the memory of Killarney’s hero the great John Zuefle. Joie de vivre like no other

Love, Peace and Happiness

Pierre A J Sabourin

Canadian Landscape Artist

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Easta Bella Veesta , Bonifino, Comma Scooty

Georgian Bay Spring

Georgian Bay Spring

My grandfather  Ronald Burkitt or Grampy as I fondly referred to him was a Welshman well so I thought. He could rattle off Gaelic like no other. He had me believing that Gaelic was a banned  language in Wales and if caught speaking the forbidden language you were quickly incarcerated for treason against the British Empire. I never doubted him as my grandmother Dottie Livingston was from Scotland with flaming red hair and possessed a voice that  could shame the angels, She would always smile when Grampy was teaching me Gaelic, What does it mean I would say. Oh Petee…. I cant tell you that…. it’s forbidden. He was a great fan of Gilbert and Sullivan and left me with a fond appreciation for Operetta. He later confided in me he was from Ireland. ….Bravo…….. Easta Bella Veesta. Bonifino. Comma Scooty

My Grandfathers Home in Ireland

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