Health Sciences North Saves Local Artist

I would be remised if I did not extend a sincere thank you to Health Sciences North of Sudbury Ontario  for saving my life said  Canadian landscape artist Pierre A J Sabourin

Friends and family may recall that I grew up in a professional hockey environment following in the footsteps of my father Robert (Bob) Sabourin. When I was 17 I played hockey for the Sudbury Wolves and was injured during a game in Guelph which almost cost my life, My spleen had been ruptured and I was saved from  death by emergency surgery at Guelph General hospital in Guelph Ontario in 1971.

What makes this story important is the loss of my spleen, the organ which purifies the blood. Over the years I began to develop an auto immune deficiency disorder which diminished  my bodies natural immunity to fight infection virus and disease , making me susceptible to illness.

Also without a spleen to purify the blood  my arteries began to clog and gradually I began  to lose my strength and mobility in my arms and legs  from suffocation.

The lack of blood flow and oxygen to my body had become so severe in 2014  I was unable to lift or carry for more than 10 seconds without resting, In 2017 I lost mobility in both my legs and could not walk more than 7 paces without resting. In Feb 2018 another near death experience with  a 45 day influenza B fever and was saved by my friends in Killarney who got me to the hospital.  In October of the same year a small abrasion on my foot became infected and was saved from amputation after 10 days x 24 hrs of intra venous antibiotic.

Hot Mushers Rule in Killarney Provincial Park with Pierre A J Sabourin


I am forever thankful to the emergency physicians of  Health Sciences North and the Sudbury Vascular Laboratory for saving my life. I was diagnosed with arterial occlusive disease requiring  a bifemoral arterial reconstruction in plastic from my heart to both of my legs. The 5 hour surgery was performed by Dr. Santosh Pudupakkam and Dr. Rodney Willoughby of the Sudbury Vascular Laboratory and Dr. Danielle J. Dion resident physician of Health Sciences North. I am forever grateful…thank you

There are many people who participated in my diagnosis , surgery , recovery and rehabilitation these last 24 months. I am thankful of their knowledge, dedication and goodness. I know I will have missed so many  but this does not diminish my respect I have for the Health Sciences North team of Sudbury Ontario who helped save me.

Dr. William j McMullen, Dr.Jennifer Moore, Dr. Danielle J. Dion,

Dr. Subramanya Sastry Bhagavatula

CCAC Community Care Access Center

LHN  Local Health Integration Network

Bayshore Nursing

Sudbury and Killarney paramedics and ambulance service,

Killarney Health Center

emergency registration, emergency nursing   recovery nursing of Health Sciences North, home care nursing,  cardiac and surgery rehabilitation YMCA  Gova Plus rehabilitation transportation. Cardio Vascular laboratory and the Kirkwood Center.

I am currently in my 9th month of post operative healing and rehabilitation from the bifemoral arterial reconstruction and will continue rehabilitation with Health Sciences North for the next four months.I am under the care and supervision of Dr. Pudupakkam and Dr. Bhagavatula in Sudbury Ontario and pleased to report I have been able to walk for 60  consecutive minutes three times now however am still unable to lift or carry. I am  hopeful to regain my strength and mobility said Sabourin the 65 year old  Sudbury native. i’m especially thankful of my patrons, family and friends who stood by me during this arduous period of my life , and to my love Trish Jokat for her strength and love to see me through. peace and love to all sincerely

Pierre AJ Sabourin



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Killarney Mountain Lodge acquires Sabourin’s Killarney Bay

Canada House

Pierre AJ Sabourin

Breaking News Killarney Ontario Canada.
Canadian Landscape artist Pierre AJ Sabourin announced today
his painting collaboration with Fanshaw Fine Arts Student William Piszel Tillmann
Canada 150 from Killarney Bay has been acquired by Holden Rhodes of the Killarney Mountain Lodge.The 16 foot en plein air painting will be proudly installed in Canada’s largest log cabin…the new 400 seat Killarney Mountain Lodge Conference Centre….Canada House

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